Omega Cabinets – Truly the power of the Omega!

Omega cabinets is a large part of the huge part of Omega Cabinetry and is one the most profitable and well recognized revenue generating structure in and around Washburn, Iowa. Around he year 2002, Omega cabinetry had become a part of the Fortune Brand Family which includes Moen, King Cobra, Titleist and other such big brands.

Omega Cabinetry covers a wide space of four hundred thousand square feet and includes diligent, well trained and hard working employees of around 800 on a forty acre land. Omega cabinets are one of the best made and best finished cabinets one can finding and around Washburn. The quality of Omega cabinets that Omega Cabinetry promises is truly the best quality and also ready for lifetime usage. Omega cabinets are definitely very easy to install and fit. This is precisely because as cabinet manufacturers, Omega Cabinetry uses solid, kiln dried and hardwood frames having rigorous standard qualities.

Now we shall go into the details of Omega cabinets and the different products of Omega Cabinetry. Omega cabinets come in various styles and designs. Some famous ones are the All Wood Box, Solid Wood Dovetailed Drawers, Roll out trays, Full extension guides and others. The all wood box features 1/2″ plywood size with 3/8” plywood tops and ¼” ply wood backs. The solid wood dovetailed drawers include a 5/8” dovetailed boxed with drawer joints and sealed and coated with fine furniture. Then we come to the durable interiors crafted with 50 gram melamine thermal plywood for the sole purpose of durability. What’s different in the production and making of Omega cabinets in Omega cabinetry is that omega cabinets are maple and birch stained so as to match the exact color of the wood. The high quality doors and frames are no less a deal to talk about. Omega cabinets features ¾” solid interiors and a ¼” furniture veneer center panel thus having great affordability. Coming to the roll out trays, these are also very much famous and liked by all its users.

Omega cabinetry is well renowned and famous for the type and characteristic of wood that goes into making the finest furniture’s of Omega cabinets. The difference that lies in Omega cabinetry. The building block of omega cabinets is defined by the type of wood that omega cabinetry uses. Though the color, and texture might look alike, but just as no two trees are alike in the same way two different wood types may look alike but are definitely not the same. There is a lot of difference. Coming to the different wood types we have Maple, Cherry, Red Birch, Pecan, Oak, Alder, Quatersawn Oak, and Walnut among the other selected ones. Only the best and finest woods go into making the fine omega cabinets and this is precisely the reason why it is liked by all its customers. Another great feature of omega cabinet is the nature of glaze that it uses in its products. They are of two types dry and wet glazes. The dry glazes include Caramel, Coffee and Pewter. The wet glazes include Onyx, porcelain and Bronze. Again only the best gets selected.