Cardell cabinets

Creating the perfect kitchen

So you’ve picked out the perfect kitchen from the magazine, and organised the colour scheme. Getting a new kitchen installed is always an exciting time but more often than not your kitchen is not quite the right size. This tends to result in that dream kitchen that you saw in the magazine not looking so great. Having custom made cabinets built for your kitchen can make all the difference and make your dream of a perfect kitchen a reality. Factory made or custom made cabinets, which ones are better?

Over the last 10 years the factory kitchen industry has gone through a massive overhaul. With more buyers seeking modern and sleek inexpensive kitchens, designers have stepped up to the mark. Using a combination of cheaper materials with a higher finish, the standardised kitchen cabinet market has come a long way.

One of the benefits of these standardised kitchen cabinets is that the materials they use although cheaper have been tested repeatedly for durability and approved to quality standards. The cabinets are typically made using a baked on factory finish, which prevents the underlying materials from becoming damaged, resulting in a longer lasting kitchen.

Standardised kitchen cabinets are also fast and easy to assemble. This means that professional installers can fit your kitchen cabinets in a relatively short period of time.

Despite the new and improved standardised kitchen cabinets nothing beats a well-crafted custom cabinet. Custom cabinets, like those made by Cardell cabinets provide a superior quality that cannot be found with regular cabinets. The major benefit of custom made cabinets is that you can get the right fit for architecture of your kitchen. Standard cabinets do not take into account high ceiling and slightly odd shaped rooms, which leave wide open spaces or a cramped feeling. Having a custom built set of cabinets means that you can maximise the space of your kitchen whilst keeping the overall flow the design in your home intact.

Custom built cabinets can also be customised with additional detail and finishing. Achieving the perfect kitchen is all in the details. Having a unique kitchen which looks nice can only be achieved through custom made cabinets. From wall features to desktop shaping, custom cabinets can give your kitchen a style unique to you and your home.

Cardell cabinets and custom cabinet makers locally source their materials. By building a custom cabinet you will also be helping out your local economy and small business owners. The items for kitchen are carefully chosen to meet your requirements, which means that they are typically of better quality. Custom cabinet makers put a lot of effort into making your design ideas a really and place extra due care and attention into their work. If you want a typical kitchen that looks ok, standardised cabinets are not a bad option. If you want the perfect kitchen that fits perfectly into your home and leaves other stunned, then a custom cabinet is the right choice.