Dynasty Cabinets

Door styles that suit all lifestyles are offered by Dynasty, from conventional to modern. Dynasty is able to go way into more than just the bath and kitchen and can go into other sections of the home as well. Bedrooms, family rooms, utility rooms, and home offices are places for Dynast cabinets as well. The new door styles of Dynasty II is made from veneer center panels of furniture grade and offers more affordability but still maintain that construction of full wood box that you look forward to.

Full-wood box

1/2 inch plywood sides, 1/4 inch plywood back, and 3/8 inch plywood floors and top are features of all Dynasty cabinets.

Maple Dove-tailed Drawers

The fronts of the drawers are made from solid hardwood and are connected to a maple drawer box of 5/8 inches and which has dove-tailed joints in all 4 corners. All the drawers are top coated and sealed to give the look of fine furniture.

Frames and Doors

3/4 inch frames and doors made of solid hardwood are featured on Dynasty cabinets. The collection doors of the cabinets of Dynasty II features complete 1/4 inch center panels made of furniture veneer providing you with more affordability as well as the high quality of the Dynasty’s. An overlay of medium density is given to front drawers and opaque doors of center panels in order to offer a surface that is more stable for the finishing application and general appearance.

Long lasting interiors

Dynasty cabinets have interiors which are made to match their exteriors made of stained maple or birch.

Roll-out trays

Dynasty cabinets have roll-out trays which are dovetailed, adjustable, and have undermount guides which can be fully extended.

Fully Extended Guides

The guide that is standard is completely concealed and has undermount guides which can be extended fully. It is a self-closed guide which operates quietly and smoothly and weighs 100 pounds.

Dynasty cabinets are strong, sturdy wood cases which can serve for an entire lifetime. Dynasty square shaped kitchen cabinets are well appreciated. They are durable and can be easily fixed up or installed due to their kiln dried, solid frames made of hardwood.

The Dynasty kitchen cabinets are available in many designs and styles. Its innovative interior is flawless and the finishing of the furniture has a beautiful shine.

Only the finest hardwoods make Dynasty cabinets and they are hand-crafted beautifully. To maintain their durability and beauty, care should be given to them. As they are carved from real woods, they tend to contract and expand thus excreting moisture out of the furnishing. You should therefore use a soft cloth made of cotton to wipe the moisture or any form of liquid from off the cabinets. Although paper materials are believed to absorb moisture well, they might be coarse and should therefore not be used to clean the cabinets. Water or liquid detergents may also be used to clean the furniture. Products with ammonia in them should not be used as they will discolour the furniture and cause it to lose its shine.