Omega Cabinets

Omega Cabinets – Leading Manufacturer of Cabinetry

Omega Cabinets started out as a small barn in Washburn in 1997 and has now grown to be a leading manufacturer of cabinetry. It is now located in Waterloo and is spread out on forty acres of land with 400,000 square feet of production area and 800 well trained workers. The main products produced by them include cabinets, door panels and doors, bath designs and kitchen designs. Omega Cabinets make cabinets of top most quality which is unparalleled. It includes high quality craftsmanship, refined raw materials and state of the art technology used to process them to make the finished products. The multi level finish processes on the products results in high quality cabinets which are a step ahead than any other cabinet. They also have excellent kitchen and bath solutions with their world class business support team backed by a comprehensive warranty and a wide range of products available to the consumers.

The kitchen lines given by Omega Cabinets blend with ease and give a stunning look to the kitchen. Matching door styles and finishes are provided in both lines thus availing integration of custom pieces into them. Omega Cabinet’s solid wood case construction makes the cabinetry long lasting which is ready for life time use. They are square, stable and very easy to install. All products are started with solid, kiln dried select hardwood frames. This makes it easy to install and also gives it a finished and neat look. At Omega Cabinets, the doors are made on site which ensures maintenance of high quality which they provide in other products as well. The basic building blocks of all products here are select hardwoods and veneers. Each piece of hardwood shows its beauty and elegance as it is joined, machined and finished into fine cabinetry. Lots of variations in grain, texture and colour are brought out as each piece of hardwood is somewhat different than others. The various hardwoods used by Omega Cabinets include maple, cherry, red birch, pecan, oak, quarter sawn oak, alder and walnut.5669729285_066bc9b1c3

Omega Cabinets achieved their certification in the ground breaking Environmental Stewardship Program administered by KCMA (Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturing Association). It was granted to them because of their maintenance of stringent set of environmental rules they follow and quality of products produced without disturbing the natural environment. It includes sustainable use of natural resources, reduction of waste, maintaining air quality by producing low quantities of air pollutants, recycling as much as possible, conserving energy, having a written environment policy and following it strictly and involving with the community through service or charity.

Omega Cabinets have become the leading manufacturer and distributor of cabinetry because of the high quality and efficient products produced by them. The cabinets, door lines and panels, kitchen and bathroom solutions are of high standards and long lasting. Omega Cabinets has become the people’s choice for cabinetry and kitchen solutions because of the high standards maintained by them and the highly trained workers there.